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What Are the Advantages of Touring a Medical Imaging Center?

When a doctor recommends you have an MRI or other form of medical imaging done to spot a potential problem, taking a tour of a medical imaging center is unlikely to be the first thought in your mind. However, there are many advantages to going off-site to an independent center for these types of procedures – and a free tour of the facility can show you why it’s the right decision. Call to arrange your tour and schedule an appointment without having to wait very long to get the procedure over with.

Take a Look at the Equipment

Visit to arrange a tour and schedule an appointment for your upcoming exam. During a consultation or a separate tour appointment, you’ll get a firsthand look at the equipment that will be used to pinpoint potential causes for the issue you’re experiencing. The open MRI equipment is especially helpful to see if you’re nervous because of claustrophobia or other anxiety issues. Knowing how open and non-confining this equipment is will take away some of your concerns about the procedure.

Talk to the Staff

When going through medical issues, you want to be treated with patience, care, and respect during a potentially difficult time. Meeting the staff that will be there for you on your procedure day will help put your mind at ease. Knowing both you and your loved ones will have their support before, during, and after the procedure will make the path ahead easier to surmount.

Get Questions Answered

On the day of your procedure, the staff will need to stick to a schedule to make sure they fit in every patient coming in that day and your results are analyzed as quickly as possible. It’s best to pose all of your questions about the procedure, the equipment, and the billing process ahead of time so you don’t delay the procedure or treatment itself. A tour is the perfect opportunity to have these questions answered, but you can also call the center after the tour if you think of any additional questions after your tour is completed.

It’s normal to be nervous about a medical imaging procedure, but it truly is one of the least invasive diagnostic exams available. Feel more comfortable about your upcoming appointment by taking a tour first. If you don’t have time to take a tour in person, simply visit the website of a medical imaging center and take a virtual tour to start.

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