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The Future of Nursing is Bright

In today’s fast changing health care field, medical career specialties are also evolving. New niches are being carved to serve the needs of today’s society. Nurses, always a vital component of an effective medical care team, are now even more important, and they have many career options. If you care about people and want to promote and improve the health of others, a career in nursing may be right for you.

A Vital Nursing Specialty

Among the many directions a nursing career today can take, nurse practitioners can offer up to 80 percent, and even possibly 90 percent, of the care that primary care physicians offer. Nurse practitioners have diverse work. They may:

Diagnose and treat illnesses
Prescribe medications
Prescribe rehabilitative therapies
Educate patients
Provide immunizations
Offer preventative health care
Perform procedures such as suturing, casting, cryotherapy, and skin biopsy

Unlike physicians, nurse practitioners focus on education, prevention, and wellness. They do diagnose and treat illnesses, but their overall goals are to promote health and well-being in individuals.

Special Deliveries by Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners can work in many different primary and acute care settings, but an area that has been growing is that of women’s health and midwifery. Since there is a shortage of maternity care providers, this important niche meets the need for high-quality care.

Nurse midwives can practice in many different settings, including birth centers, hospitals, and public and private clinics. In addition to delivering babies, nurse midwives also provide acute and primary care for women, neonatal care, non-surgical gynecological care, and puberty and menopausal care. Many universities, including the University of Cincinnati, prepare students for this career. For example, UC offers a variety of online nurse practitioner programs.

Going Online for Education

The way we live now is changing, and so are nursing education programs and formats. With the baby boomers aging, America needs more nurses. Many current nurses also need more education. Online nursing education programs may be the answer. The demand for nursing programs is growing, and online programs can meet this need. Whether you are interested in becoming a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or a nurse practitioner, flexible and convenient online education may help you.

Looking Ahead

So what is the future for online nursing school graduates? It is a bright one. As the need for well-educated, qualified nurses is critical, whether nurses are educated in a classroom or through a computer has become less important than the quality of their learning and their ability to provide compassionate care to their patients. The growth in home health care and long-term living facilities means that the demand for qualified nurses is large.

With so many different specialties to choose from, nursing is a diverse field rich with possibilities. From nurse practitioners to staff RNs, the focused areas within nursing can meet numerous student interests. Nurse practitioners fill the critical need for qualified health care providers in the changing world of medicine. An overall shortage of qualified nurses has ushered in changes within the educational system, and online nursing programs have soared in popularity. A good nursing program can prepare you to educate and care for others with confidence and compassion.

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