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How Online Dating Helps You Make up Your Mind

Online dating might not be for right everyone, but it’s a powerful tool when you compare it to the chances you’ll find the person of your dreams in a bar.  And even though there are thousands of marriages as a result of some happy hour meet ups, it’s more likely you’ll find compatible matches when you search online.  Dating sites present choices to us in ways that make weeding out incompatible choices so much easier – one swipe, and they’re gone.   Signing up for multiple sites can significantly increase your chances of finding a compatible mate.  It might not seem that way at first, after all, you’re faced with a larger number of choices and it can be expensive.

If you use Groupon to sign up for, you can save lots of money. is offering free search weekends and other deals through Groupon.   Taking advantage of their offer is a great way to decide if online dating is right for you. is offering up to 74% off subscriptions, and free searches for selected categories when you use Groupon.

Dating sites go to great lengths to get people to open up about themselves, even building in writing prompts and suggested answers for those who are having problems stringing a few sentences together.  But that’s just the point.  You can tell a lot about a person from their personal profile.  Do they use whole sentences, go into great detail about their background, childhood and education?  Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation go a long way towards shedding light on the personality of the writer.  You won’t necessarily find out these things when set up with a blind date, or from a chance meeting at a party.  While it’s true that face to face interactions form the basis of our impressions of others, using writing samples and photos available on dating sites open a window and give us a peek before we commit to taking that step and finding out how they act in real life.

As the online dating services splinter into very specific interests and demographic groups, (farmers, African-American singles, Jewish singles) people are finding despite the old maxim that opposites attract, research suggests otherwise, and we are more likely to become attracted to people who are like ourselves.  Using the money saving services of a site like Groupon to buy a subscription to is a great way to test that theory.

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